How difficult is the QME Competency Examination? 

The California QME Competency Examination is widely regarded as one of the most challenging tests that California offers. It is known to have a high failure rate, with approximately 50% of test takers failing on their first attempt. However, with proper preparation and the right study materials, passing the examination is certainly achievable. At QMEexam.com, our sole purpose is helping you pass the QME Competency Exam. Our digital flashcards are designed to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information, and are proven to be an effective way to study and pass the test with minimal time and effort. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our flashcard study guide! During the last examination in October 2023, 100% of our users passed the examination!


How can I access the flashcards?

After using PayPal to purchase, you will receive an email from support@QMEexam.com with a Brainscape Access Code. The flashcards are available for a 90-day subscription, giving you more than enough time to study and pass the QME competency examination. Our flashcards are designed to enhance learning through interactive and adaptive repetition, and have been tested against numerous flashcard programs, with the conclusion that Brainscape's methodology is the most effective. If you have any issues, please email support@QMEexam.com


If I use the flash cards, then do I need other study materials? 

Our flashcards are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the material needed for the QME Competency Exam. The Flashcards utilize a Question-and-Answer format and we strongly suggest that you memorize all of the answers. If you'd like to supplement your preparation or choose not to purchase the flashcards, we recommend reviewing the two documents in the "Extra Credit" section of our website (www.QmeExam.com) for additional insight and a higher chance of success on the exam. 


Why should I choose your digital flashcards over a 12-hour QME writing course?

Our digital flashcards are specifically designed to help you pass the QME Competency Examination, with an emphasis on the most important and relevant information. In contrast, 12-hour writing courses are not focused on helping you pass the examination, but rather on teaching you how to write a medical legal report. With a 50% failure rate, the QME Competency Examination is not something to take lightly and it's important to use a study guide that is tailored to the specific test. Our flashcards have been tested and proven to be the most efficient way to pass the examination. 

Consider this: by dedicating 12 hours to studying our flashcards, we guarantee you will pass the QME Competency Examination! In contrast, a 12-hour writing course may or may not offer the same level of success. If you have time to spare, then you may consider taking a 12-hour writing course as an additional resource. By the way, most users of our flashcards only require 1 day of studying in order to pass! Don't waste your time with a 12-hour writing course, when you can study our flashcards for just 1 day and be guaranteed to pass the QME Competency Examination!

If you're interested in a 12-hour writing course, then here is a 12-hour writing course provider that we utilized and can confidently recommend: 


Here is the full-list of DWC 12-hour writing course vendors, though we suggest you do your own research and consider steering clear of some of them: www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/MedicalUnit/RprtWritingProv.html


What are my options if I don't pass the QME Competency Examination?

If you unfortunately fail the QME Competency Examination, don't worry, we've got you covered. We offer a money-back guarantee for our flashcard program. To qualify for a refund, please email us with a copy of the front of your driver's license and your exam registration confirmation from the DWC. 


Is there a way to offset the cost of the flashcards for the QME Competency Examination?

Purchasing our digital flashcards for the QME Competency Examination can be a smart investment for your career. Not only do we guarantee that you'll pass the exam with our study materials, but the cost of the flashcards may also be eligible for reimbursement from your employer or university education fund. Additionally, the cost of the flashcards may also be tax deductible as a professional development expense. Don't let the cost hold you back from reaching your full potential, consider all of your options and invest in your future today. 

Why are your flashcards hosted on Brainscape?

We tested numerous flashcard apps and programs for our flashcards and concluded that Brainscape's methodology is the most effective. Brainscape's platform is specifically designed to enhance learning through interactive and adaptive repetition and will allow you to learn the QME material quickly and efficiently! 


Is 1 day really all I need to study?

YES. This is based on feedback received from prior physicians who used these Flashcards. To get through these in a minimal amount of time, we suggest that you lock yourself in a quiet room without distractions such as music, television, computers or your cell phone. The Flashcards utilize a Question-and-Answer format and we strongly suggest that you memorize each of the answers to each of the Flashcards.  


How can I justify the cost of your flashcards?

The cost of our flashcards may seem high, but it is due to the extensive time and energy we have spent compiling the most relevant and essential information for the examination. With a known failure rate of 50%, and the test only offered twice a year, passing the QME Competency Examination in one try is essential for any physician looking to become a Qualified Medical Evaluator in the State of California. Each month, a QME can generate thousands of dollars of business, so the opportunity cost of failing the test is high. Investing in our flashcards is an investment in your future success. With the help of our highly effective study materials, you'll be able to pass the exam on your first try. Invest in our flashcards today and pass with confidence.


What have you learned from your users who have failed?

During the last examination that took place in October 2023, 100% of our users passed the examination! However, in the past, we have had Doctors fail. We have used the cases of failures to analyze what went wrong. Upon review of their flashcard usage statistics, we found that the overwhelming issue was confusion between two types of memory retrieval: recognition and recall. Recognition refers to our ability to “recognize” an event or piece of information as being familiar. Recall is the ability to recall something from memory without assistance or helpful cues. In other words, recognition is less cognitive effort. The Doctors who failed did not finish reviewing all of the flashcards, and/or viewed each flashcard only one or two times. Due to the high-yield nature of these flashcards, users must memorize each of the flashcards! Users need to be able to recall the answers to the prompts without any assistance from recognition memory.