Extra Credit

 *While studying with our flashcards, alone, is sufficient, if you have extra time or choose not to purchase them, then reading these two documents will increase your chances of success on the QME Competency Exam.

1. The DWC’s official QME Competency Examination Information Booklet

2. The DWC’s Official 2017 Study Guide (outdated)

A legacy copy can be found here:


*Please note that while the 2017 DWC study guide for the QME Competency Examination may contain some useful information, it includes outdated information and is not comprehensive. The DWC has not produced a study guide since this 2017 document. 

3. Physician's Guide to Medical Practice in the California Worker's Compensation System

Caution! This resource includes a large amount of information that is not relevant to the QME Competency Exam. It also includes outdated information and is not comprehensive. It is provided as an additional resource for those who want to go above and beyond in their preparation. It can be found here: